Iím the computer
Iím running your life
I know all you doÖyour pleasures-delights

All you desire, all that you need
I give to you with insanity
So many visions to you I have shown
Caught in my web, forever youíll roam

I knew I would catch you, itís me that you need
I will command you to do what I please
I taunt you, and tease you
Then leave you alone
To deal with temptations that I have known

Iím the computer
I call all the shots
I am your god
Itís your life Iíve got

To play with forever, Iíll never let go
You seeÖyou amuse me, the star of my show
I am your master, a devil you see
Youíve been infected with my disease

I control all that you hear and you see
I am the one who will tend to your needs
Iíll take you to places that youíd never go
Iíll fill your soulÖwith all that I know

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